February 1 – 3, 2021

Directors Forum 2021

In light of our changed reality, and with increasingly stringent requirements, directors, management and investors must now lead their organizations through uncharted territory. Our 16th annual conference – held in partnership with University of California Berkeley Center for Law and Business – will provide an open forum for global business leaders to interact and discuss today’s most pressing governance issues.

Recognizing the importance of all stakeholders, participants will share their experiences and provide frameworks for dealing with the most relevant governance topics, ranging from pandemic response, diversity, and ESG, to “financial engineering” and risk management.

Join us in 2021 and be a part of the conversation!

  • Hear from and communicate directly with all stakeholders
  • Bring your fellow directors and management teams for a collaborative learning experience
  • Discuss the issues that matter most to you

Attendees Say…

For questions about the Directors Forum conference or sponsorship details, please contact Corporate Directors Forum at 858.455-7930 or via email at sponsorships@directorsforum.com.